Monday, October 8, 2012

Others in kika - 10/8

(These photos were originally shared on Oct 8, 2012)
Here is Megan showing off "Drew" in Black and "Brit" in Eggplant. My sample is a kika size 1 so I can't model it for you. I love how she put a wide belt on it!
Drew in Black (signature color) - $40
Brit in Eggplant (signature color) - $75

Fashionista and fellow kika consultant Daphne has on "Rita" in Navy/W.White strip and "Brit" in Eggplant. I love how the skirt looks like suede but is totally wash and wear! I saw a similar look on Wendy's Lookbook and immediately saw how the look could be recreated with kikaPaprika! I am so glad Daphne took up the challenge! See more of her photos and style tips on her blog here:
Rita in Navy/White stripe (signature color) - $54
Brit in Eggplant (signature color) - $75

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