Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Magic Trick Scarf Tie

Here I go again with another scarf tie! This one is one of my favorites and I learned it by watching Wendy's Lookbook 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf video. It is amazing and if you haven't seen it ... do! She has a great step by step video demo too but I thought I would give it a shot with one of my kikaPaprika scarves. Tell me what you think!

I am using the Wavy Stripe Scarf from kikaPaprika ($28) and wearing Pippa in Ink ($50) and Simone in White (previous season item).
Step #1: Use a rectangle scarf like kikaPaprika's Wavy Stripe scarf. 
Step #2: Fold or scrunch it up lengthwise so you have a nice narrow scarf.
Step #3: Wrap it around your neck one time and keep the ends even.
Step #4: Pull one "tassel" from under the loop and put your hand through it.
Step #5: Use your other hand and give the other "tassel" to the hand in the middle of the loop.
Step #6: Tada! Adjust as necessary and now you have a cool pretzel looking tie that was easier to do than it looks!
All in one photo!


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