Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cameron & Viv in Sweden

I am not sure how much time I will have to showcase outfits while I am here on vacation but I will try! The weather has been super chilly (in the 40's and 50's) so I haven't got to wear much summer clothing. I did put on this outfit for midsummer which I ended up having to put on leggings, two shirts and a sweater and I was still cold. I also didn't get good photos of just the tank and skirt so I will have to try again another day.
Viv tank top in Black/White Heather Stripe (signature color) ~ $45
Cameron maxi skirt in Black/White Heather Stripe (signature color) ~ $85
Grey sweater is my own!
Viv tank top in Black/White Heather Stripe (signature color) ~ $45
Cameron maxi skirt in Black/White Heather Stripe (signature color) ~ $85
Grey sweater is my own!
Viv tank top in Black/White Heather Stripe (signature color) ~ $45
Cameron maxi skirt in Black/White Heather Stripe (signature color) ~ $85

Sorry for the bad photo but I wanted to show off the side slit in the skirt which is hidden from this photo.
The slit is on the left side of the skirt and goes from the knee down to the floor.
Cameron maxi skirt in Black/White Heather Stripe (signature color) ~ $85

You can see the slit a little more. I am wearing black leggings under the skirt. The sweater is not kika!

Monday, June 9, 2014

kika Clothing Club (kCC)

This is for anyone to join! Maybe you don't want to host a party of your own but still want a way to access the hostess rewards? Or maybe you are not local to me but want to have the hostess benefits? This club is made for you! Most of my hosts save about 65% on their order so it is a great way to fill your closet with kika without breaking the bank.

All I need are 5 people who agree to purchase at least one (1) item from kika for 5 months. Every month, I will collect the orders and one person in the club will be the “host”. As the “host”, you can collect orders from other people. Just have them make personal appointments with me to get fitted and try on the clothes. You can also host a party of your own and add $300+ in orders from the club to your party.

Hostess Benefits
What are the rewards exactly? Here is a chart to start with…

Show Sales
Items @ 50% off
Kika Credit
1 item
2 items
3 items
5 items
6 items
7 items

The great thing is you can use your “Kika Credit” toward your 50% off items which is why the average hosts saves 65% on her order! It is really easy to add more orders when it is your month to “host” because just 1-2 orders can really make a huge difference in your rewards. All orders ship directly to the customer so there is no delivering or extra work for you!

Contact me to join! My next club will run from August - December 2014.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

I Heart Matchstick Capris

I was so excited to see a preview of these at Runway last January and they finally became available in the Summer Collection. I didn't buy these items for my sample rack but I did purchase a few pieces for my own closet. I have this pair of capri jeans that I really love but they don't quite fit me in the waist so I must wear a belt with them. However, they go with everything and are great for almost any summer activity. 

Well, I just happened to put an outfit together the other day (with the intentions of posting it as a "Throwback Thursday" on Facebook) and found an almost identical match from last year with my jeans on. Wow. I am definitely retiring my jeans for my kika Matchstick Capris! They look the same but are so much more comfortable! Thank you kika!
Jackie in Ink (previous season item)
Lil in Navy Fresco Print (previous season item)
Matchstick Capris in Ink ~ $95

Monday, June 2, 2014

kika blog - Charissa the One Dress Wonder

Kika has made a dress that I loved from last season available again in Sunset which is a color from this current season.  I love all the different looks you can get from this one dress. You can see me wearing it from previous seasons as well. What do you think of it in Sunset?
Charissa in Sunset (signature color) ~ $99
Read more on kika's blog!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Be Authentic

My kika mentor was featured on this radio show last week. She talked about what she was passionate about and why kika resonates so much with her. I loved hearing her story and why kika works for her. She explains why she loves kika so much and why everyone should care about what you put on your body. Your skin is your largest organ so should absolutely take care of it. Clothing can make a huge difference. 

I was so taken by a quote of hers in the show that I had to make a quote image out of it. Check it out and please share if you agree!
"When we feel good, we can be authentic. If we are authentic and 
are our true selves, then we radiate. That's when things change 
and manifest in our lives.kika allows us to be authentic." 
~kika Stylist Lisa Thomas~