Wednesday, April 16, 2014

kika blog - Andrea Dress

This is a great all purpose dress! You can dress it up or down and do so many things with it. I love that the material is different on the top and bottom. The skirt portion is a heavier weight fabric so it doesn't show through. What do you love about Andrea? 
Andrea in Parrot (custom color) ~ $88
Mimi in Ash (custom color) ~ $99
Floral Scarf in Parrot (signature color) ~ $32

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Monday, April 7, 2014

kika blog - Hot Trend with Navy & White

Nothing screams summer like the refreshing combo of Navy (we call it Ink) and White. From nautical stripes to an elegant ensemble. It will take you far this season so get your kika on!
Pearl in Ink (signature color) ~ $110
Dawson in Ink (custom color) ~ $79
Ponte Skinny Pants in White (custom color) ~ $98Debi in White (custom color) ~ $89
Portia in Ink/White Stripe (signature color) ~ $110
Mary in Ink (signature color) ~ $120
Reese in White (custom color) ~ $78
Capri Leggings in White (custom color) ~ $56

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Skinny Girl Sparkling Cucumber Lemonade

I taste tested this recipe last week and it was a big hit. I kind of modified a few other recipes to make my own. I didn't measure so you might want to adjust it according to your own tastes. I know I had to add a little more sweetener when I first made it. I just really don't like the taste of artificial sweeteners and the recipes I found called for Crystal Light (yuck) so that really threw off my water/lemonade ratio. Anyway, I will make it again and if you want to schedule your own kika trunk show, I will make up a pitcher and bring it with me! 
Monica's Skinny Girl Sparkling Lemonade
No fancy party glass here ... just fancy plastic!
Simply Lemonade
This is the lemonade I used because I drink it all the time. It has that fresh squeezed taste and I am too lazy to make my own lemonade. It certainly tastes better than that horrible Crystal Light!
Skinny Girl Cucumber Vodka
Maybe there are other cucumber vodkas out there but this was the one called for in the recipe and I really like it. It is not sweet like some flavored vodkas can be and smells and tastes like a cucumber!
Blentec blender
Ok, one more note ... I didn't chill my cucumber vodka before I made this drink so I just used my blender to quickly chill and blend the lemonade and vodka together. This may have been the reason why I needed to add more sweetener to it because I added the ice?
Monica's Skinny Girl Sparkling Cucumber Lemonade

  • Combine the vodka, lemonade, ice, lemon juice and sweetener in the blender. 
  • Pulse until ice is pulverized and well blended. 
  • You can either top it off with the club soda or pour it into each glass separately. Don't blend the club soda! 
  • Garnish the pitcher with sliced cucumbers and lemon wheels or add to each cup individually.
  • DRINK and ENJOY!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

kika blog - Rae of Sunshine

I love this dress so much! So flattering and so many different ways to style it too. You can tie it in the front, back or side. I even have a client who ties it into a rosebud because she doesn't like the ties dangling down. I am kind of in love with the Parrot color. Do you?  Check out more information on kika's blog
Rae in Parrot (custom color) ~ $95
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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New Home on YouTube

I had an issue with my old account. It was personal and business videos that I had uploaded so it is a good thing to have a separate account now just for kika. However, it is very frustrating to have lost access to all my old content! I love Google for so many things. It provides us with a very nice lifestyle and vacations and so on. I use it for my email. I use it for my calendar. I use it for my blog. I use it for my photo organization. 

So you see, I do love most things Google but there is one thing I hate more than anything and that is Google+. I refuse to convert my old account to Google+ so therefore, I have lost access to everything there. Grr. Believe me, my husband has gotten an earful already.

Well, that leads me to this blog post where you can visit my new "Monica with kika" home on YouTube. I could only find two of my scarf tying demos to upload to this new location so please go take a look. Let me know what else you want to see posted!

I also went and searched for a number of eco-friendly videos for you to watch. They are things I highly suggest educating yourself on. The topics include ... why we don't have sweatshop factories anymore ... how Tencel is made ... how water bottles are made into clothing ... why pesticides are so heavily used in the cotton industry ... the benefits of organic cotton ... chemicals in your clothing ... what is GOTS. Click the video below to watch them all.  

One last Playlist to share with you. These are some of my favorite scarf tying demos. Be sure to watch them all and let me know what you think!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

kika blog - Cotton Candie–Spring’s Delight

This is such a great updated version of a trench coat. I am really loving it in the new spring colors and it just makes it so fresh and chic! I am kind of loving it in white. Do you have a favorite color?  Check out more information on kika's blog
Candie in Flamingo and White (custom colors) ~ $175
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