Thursday, June 13, 2013

Out of my comfort zone

Well, I did it. I finally did it. Sometimes you just have to push past the things that make you uncomfortable and just do them anyway. For me, it was wearing contrasting colors AND wearing a vest. I am just not really a vest person. I like my arms covered. Maybe I will wear it next time with long sleeves and see how I like it. Oh and I also don't really like orange. This vest was a darker orangish-red (or is it reddish-orange?) but still not something I normally wear.

So, I thought it was fun to try. I am not sure how often I will wear something like this but I am glad I did it. Becky is really soft and I enjoyed wearing this vest. Maybe in a different color? ;) 

Partially, this outfit was inspired by my other kika consultants who play with colors more than I do. Partially, it was inspired by my shoes. What do you think of it?
Becky in Tangerine (signature color) ~ $78 (ON SALE $58.50)
Lisa in Ocean (custom color) ~ $58
Back view
Tieks by Gavrielli in Sunset Stripe (vegan) ~ $165

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Oh Oh Oh Anastasia!

This is an amazing dress. I didn't think I would love it as much as I do. The best thing is it looks good on so many people who have tried it on! I didn't know it would be a universally flattering dress. Plus, the other great thing? It comes in 24 different colors! 12 solid colors and 12 stripe colors. Wow! I will try to show you as many different looks here.

Just a note that I am wearing a kika size 1 in these photos because that is what I have in stock. I should have it shortened but I will wait until I decide to keep it or not. In the meantime, I tucked the skirt into the built in belt. Other than being too long (which is a common thing for me) the size 1 fit me pretty good! I normally wear a kika size 2 in the dresses. 
Anastasia in Khaki/White Stripe (signature color) ~ $140
Daphne in Ocean (custom color) ~ $85
Back view
Anastasia in Khaki/White Stripe (signature color) ~ $140
Back view
Anastasia in Imperial Stripe (custom color) ~ $140
LEFT: Anastasia in Ocean Stripe (custom color) ~ $140
RIGHT: Anastasia in Peony Stripe (custom color) ~$140
Anastasia in Peony Stripe (custom color) ~ $140
Triangle Scarf in Ocean (custom color) ~ $42
Anastasia in Black (signature color) ~ $125

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Magic Trick Scarf Tie

Here I go again with another scarf tie! This one is one of my favorites and I learned it by watching Wendy's Lookbook 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf video. It is amazing and if you haven't seen it ... do! She has a great step by step video demo too but I thought I would give it a shot with one of my kikaPaprika scarves. Tell me what you think!

I am using the Wavy Stripe Scarf from kikaPaprika ($28) and wearing Pippa in Ink ($50) and Simone in White (previous season item).
Step #1: Use a rectangle scarf like kikaPaprika's Wavy Stripe scarf. 
Step #2: Fold or scrunch it up lengthwise so you have a nice narrow scarf.
Step #3: Wrap it around your neck one time and keep the ends even.
Step #4: Pull one "tassel" from under the loop and put your hand through it.
Step #5: Use your other hand and give the other "tassel" to the hand in the middle of the loop.
Step #6: Tada! Adjust as necessary and now you have a cool pretzel looking tie that was easier to do than it looks!
All in one photo!

Monday, June 10, 2013

How to Tie a Scarf Into a Vest (2013 version)

I did this last season with one of our scarves from the Fall Collection but it was a wide rectangle scarf. I thought I would show you how to tie a scarf into a vest using a narrower rectangle scarf as I like that look better on me especially since I am petite. People are always amazed that what I am wearing is actually a scarf! I don't usually like to wear vests but I find that it is so different that I just have to do it sometimes. I did two scarf "tricks" during a presentation at a networking business and even the guys loved it. One of them inspired me to blog and make a video demo too. Here goes!

I used kikaPaprika's Bird Scarf which sells for $26. I am also wearing Pippa in Ink ($50) and Simone in White (previous season item).

Step #1: Take your scarf lengthwise ...
Step #2: Fold it in half. One side has your "fold" and the other side is "open".
Step #3: Take the corners that you were holding and tie a very small but secure knot. 
Step #4: Find the side that was "open" (it helps if the scarf has fringe) and pull it open.
You should find two holes like this to put your arms through.
TADA! Here is the look all finished.
Here is an all-in-one photo with all the steps.

Pippa in Ink and Peony

We have had some great summer weather lately so it has been fun to dress in my summer line. My first look with Pippa is a basic outfit. Ink (dark navy) and white. I dressed it up with some fun necklaces. It was also my base for two scarf tying demos that I am working on posting. The second outfit is a fun summer look in Peony. I have noticed that Pippa in the stripe I wear a kika size 2 and it seems to fit just fine. When it comes to the solid colors, I find it runs pretty big. The Ink is a kika size 2 and the Peony is a kika size 0. I would probably buy a kika size 1 but I was surprised how well the 0 fit me too. What do you think?
Pippa in Peony (custom color) ~ $50
Camille in Feather Print (signature color) ~ $58
Back view

Here is the necklace I am wearing...
16" Copper Necklace with Agate and Cultured Freshwater Pearls ~ $47.20
Pippa in Ink (signature color) ~ $50
Simone in White (previous season item) ~ replace with Jenna or Elle
Back view

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Blake Front and Back

I somehow missed these photos that I took a few weeks ago. I wore this outfit to a networking meeting and told everyone that this shirt could be worn forwards and backwards. I did a little sneaky thing and turned my shirt around at the end of the meeting. Everyone was amazed! See for yourself how different the looks are. Also, everyone thought I was wearing a tank/shift dress but it is really just two pieces from kika that are worn together to give the impression of one piece. It was such a comfortable outfit too! What do you think of it? 
Side by side of Blake worn "forward" and "backward"
First up is worn "forward" with the top button open...
Blake in Imperial (signature color) ~ $72
Drew in White (signature color) ~ $40
Simone in White (previous season item) ~ replace with Jenna or Elle
Back view ~ "forward" version
 Then, just turn around Blake for the "backward" look...
Blake in Imperial (signature color) ~ $72
Drew in White (signature color) ~ $40
Simone in White (previous season item) ~ replace with Jenna or Elle
Back view ~ "backward" version
 I couldn't help but show off my matching "Imperial" toes too!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Spring 2013 Scarves

It took me a long time to get photos of all the scarves but here they are! Some already sold out this season so I don't have photos of those but here are the remaining ones. You can see how some of these look on the models on my kikaPaprika website

All proceeds from the sale of these scarves goes to help out women in need!
Bird Scarf ~ $26
Wavy Stripe Scarf ~ $28
Paisley Scarf ~ $28
Pomegranate Scarf ~ $28
Floral Scarf ~ $28
Scroll Scarf ~ $26

Monday, June 3, 2013

Catch 'em in kika ... Misty and Leena!

I love seeing my clients wearing their kikaPaprika items when I am out and about. I am going to try to remember to take photos of them when I see them. I will do something special for them like if they have their own business, I can promote it in my blog and Facebook too. If they don't then maybe I can do something else. Let me know what your ideas are!

This last week, one of my good customers sent me a photo of herself wearing Alice in Ocean which I haven't seen before in that color. I love it so much I just may copy her but I do love the Cocoa one I already have so who knows. I wish I were the same size as her because then I could just borrow it! Now, Misty (or Dr. Misty as most people know her by) is also my chiropractor and she runs her own clinic with her husband Dr. Andrew. I highly recommend that you go see them. Dr. Misty is the sweetest person you will ever meet and so gentle with her adjustments that even my kids like seeing her too. I also love everyone in their office is very warm and friendly too. You can check out their Summit Family Chiropractic website, their Facebook page and their blog too! It is great that they are connected so many ways and give great advice. Please take some time and check them out! 
Alice in Ocean (custom color) ~ $99
Here is my friend Leena wearing a scarf from last season. I like the color combo and the scarf tied it all together! She wanted something easy to wear for her daughter's 6th birthday party at our martial arts dojang. I love the bright pink shirt and dark brown capris together with the scarf. What do you think?

Leena works full time as a Youth Minister for Lake City Presberterian Church. They also have a Facebook page too which you can check out.
Feather Scarf in Eggplant (past season item) ~ $28

June Sale Items

I can tell we are getting close to the end of our season because kikaPaprika rarely does sales but they are having one in June! here is the list of items on sale for this month. Everything on this list is 25% off. These are also items that will not be continuing into our fall season and in some sizes the quantities are low or already sold out. If you see something you like on this list, then order it! Most items are available in our 12 colors this season...

Aiden - $88 - $66
* All sizes in stock

Becky - $78 - $58.50

* All sizes in stock

Brit - $75 - $56.25

* Sold out in custom colors: size 00 
* Available in signature color Cocoa: kika size 00
* Low in stock: sizes 0, 3, 4, 5, 6

Carrie - $90 - $67.50
* Low in stock: sizes 1, 4

Jackie - $95 - $71.25
* Sold out in custom colors: size 1
* Available in signature color Imperial: size 1
* Low in stock: size 2

Lorelei - $82 - $61.50
* Low in stock: sizes 0, 3, 4, 5

Sami - $150 - $112.50
* Low in stock: size 0, 6

Tencel Boot Cut Pant - $82 - $61.50
* Low in stock: size 0, 3

Please make sure to check out my SOLD OUT & LOW STOCK photo album on Facebook where I will post updates as things sell out or start getting low in stock which means they are close to selling out. 

June Sale Items - All 25% off!
Tencel Bootcut Pants - $61.50
12 colors available!
Including Iris!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Outfit for MamaCon!

I decided to do one big event this season and spend a bit more than I am used to to see how it goes. I heard lots of great things about MamaCon last year from my friends and decided to go to the Taste of MamaCon a few months ago. It was interesting and fun and I kind of got talked into it since a lot of my friends were going to have booths there. I didn't want to do it alone which is a problem since I am the only kikaPaprika consultant in Western Washington! I asked my friend Lindsey to help me out and I paid her in jewelry, a scarf and a  shirt. I also paid for her lunch too but I still think I got a good deal and it was really nice to have another person helping out. 

So, lots of people ask me what MamaCon is and it is a "Cool Conference for Modern Moms" according to their web site. It really was a lot of fun and wish I had more time to listen to the speakers. I might just go as an attendee next year but I did make some amazing connections this time with people that I hope will grow and blossom! I am featured for a few seconds in this highlights video. You can skip to the 1:38 mark to see me and kikaPaprika!

Anyway, I didn't have time to take great photos of my outfit that I wore to the Friday night event but I wanted something that I could load all my clothing in and still look great in. I wish I had picked comfort over style for the shoes but I went with flats the next day.  I was there all day on Saturday which was hard on my feet since I barely sat down the whole day. My Saturday outfit was similiar to the one posted in my "From Business to Bunco" blog post but with Sunset Stripe Tieks ballet flats and the Ponte Knit Skinny Pants shown below. 
Daphne in Ocean (custom color) ~ $85
Charlotte in Meadow Print (signature color) ~ $64
Skinny Pants in Black (signature color) ~ $90
Back view
Charlotte in Meadow Print (signature color) ~ $64
Skinny Pants in Black (signature color) ~ $90
Back view