Thursday, September 20, 2012

How to tie a scarf into a vest

These photos were originally taken on Sept 20, 2012.
You may wonder how I tied my scarf into a vest? Well, you can buy my friend's DVD but here is my attempt at doing it step by step with photos. Let me know what you think! You can see all the scarves kikaPaprika offers here:
Step #1: First you take a scarf. Any size will do but this one is big! If it is smaller then it makes more of shrug. Rectangular scarves work best.
Step #2: Fold it in half. One side you should have a fold and the other side should have the fringe.
Step #3: Bring your hands together and tie a small knot. Make it tight! Remember, you are tying one corner with the fold and the other corner with the fringe together.
Step #4: Find the fringe and open it up. You will find holes where to put your arms into!
Front view
Back view
All in one photo with all 4 steps!
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