Monday, June 10, 2013

How to Tie a Scarf Into a Vest (2013 version)

I did this last season with one of our scarves from the Fall Collection but it was a wide rectangle scarf. I thought I would show you how to tie a scarf into a vest using a narrower rectangle scarf as I like that look better on me especially since I am petite. People are always amazed that what I am wearing is actually a scarf! I don't usually like to wear vests but I find that it is so different that I just have to do it sometimes. I did two scarf "tricks" during a presentation at a networking business and even the guys loved it. One of them inspired me to blog and make a video demo too. Here goes!

I used kikaPaprika's Bird Scarf which sells for $26. I am also wearing Pippa in Ink ($50) and Simone in White (previous season item).

Step #1: Take your scarf lengthwise ...
Step #2: Fold it in half. One side has your "fold" and the other side is "open".
Step #3: Take the corners that you were holding and tie a very small but secure knot. 
Step #4: Find the side that was "open" (it helps if the scarf has fringe) and pull it open.
You should find two holes like this to put your arms through.
TADA! Here is the look all finished.
Here is an all-in-one photo with all the steps.


  1. I love finding articles that present readers with different fashion ideas. Wearing scarves on in your vest is a really unique way to wear one. If you do it correctly, it can really look cute and help brighten you outfit. There are also other ways to wear Scarves for women. For example you can wear them around your wrist next to your watch or other bracelets. you can wrap a bundled scarf around you neck in a contracting color. You can also even wrap a scarf around you waist acting as a belt. All you just need to do is tie a nice secure knot in the front. However, my new favorite way to incorporate scarves with my outfits is by tying them around high boots. I usually use handkerchief style scarves because they drape nice against boots or high shoes. This technique is great because it allows you to wear scarves in the spring and summer.

    1. Thanks for the comment and other ideas!!

  2. I have so many scarves I didn't really know how to wear and you've given me this great idea! Thank you :)

  3. I am not really a vest person but this idea I love. It's very soft and flowing, does not add to much bulk to my frame. I also tied it up in front to be a cover up/blouse to wear with a tank top underneath. Great idea!


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