Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mary & Michaela

I haven't been good about getting photographs of my outfits. Sorry about that! I need to recreate some of the past ones and then photograph them! This is an outfit I wore to a networking event and the weather was a bit chilly so I put on my boots over my leggings. I also tried a new combination with the necklace since it isn't in my comfort zone. However, I have seen lots of people pair turquoise and pink together so I thought I would give it a whirl. What do you think? 
Mary in Orchid (custom color) ~ $120
Michaela in Cream/White Stripe (signature color) ~ $85
Leggings in Black (signature color) ~ $58
Mary in Orchid (custom color) ~ $120
Michaela in Cream/White Stripe (signature color) ~ $85
Leggings in Black (signature color) ~ $58

Saturday, May 24, 2014

kika blog - Summer Capsule Ideas

Here is a sneak peek at some of our newest summer pieces plus ideas of how just 6 items of kika clothing can equal many different options. I like that they showed the same items in two different color combos. Do you have a favorite? 
Drew in White/Heather Stripe (signature color) ~ $47
Mel in Sunset (custom color) and Parrot (signature color) ~ $52
Ponte Skinny Pants in Ash (signature color) ~ $98
Mimi in Sunset (signature color) and Atlantis (custom color) ~ $99
Floral Scarf in Flamingo and Parrot ~ $32
Joyce in White (custom color) ~ $88
Cameron in White/Black Heather Stripe (signature color) ~ $85

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Friday, May 23, 2014


We are busy, busy, busy with lots of sales to offer you this Memorial Day weekend. Most of these are ONLINE ONLY sales and one is available both online and at a kika trunk show. What are you going to order? 
ONLINE & OFFLINE: These are just a few items available in our SPRING SALE and they are marked down 25% off. SHOP NOW!
ONLINE ONLY: You get to pick one item and the rest are a surprise! SHOP NOW!
ONLINE ONLY: Shop selected dresses for 20% off! SHOP NOW!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Swatch Book Spring/Summer 2014

This was another project that I have been meaning to do for a while but now that I am leaving, this seems like a great time to post it on my blog. I won't be able to show people my swatch book while I am in Sweden so this will have to be the next best thing. Please be aware that the colors may be a little off as computer monitors vary. 

In case you aren't aware ... I have people try on the kika clothing and ignore the color they are trying on. We look for the best size and style that suits their body shape. Then we sit down with the swatch book and pick out pieces that are in the color they want. As you will see from the photos below, there is a great deal of variances on the shade of a color depending on the type of fabric a garment is made from. This is really important to pay attention to since if you want the bright, clear royal blue color that is "Atlantis" ... then you probably don't want it in the muted Poly Linen fabric. You can click on an image for a larger version. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Welcome to Summer!

I wanted to make sure I wrote a blog post to highlight our small summer release. I am taking some time off from my kika business because I am taking a long vacation to Sweden this summer and will be gone for almost 2 months. I decided to not purchase the summer pieces because I won't be here to recoup my investment. I have a few pieces that I will order but they are probably going to Sweden with me! 

I will still take orders online and can also take custom color orders as well but you will have to email or text me to do so. There will also be a time delay because I will be 9 hours ahead of most of you. 

Here are the summer pieces and I have tried to collect as many "real person" photos too. They should be available online soon as well. 

Check out "Denna" below and from the sketch you can't see the cute detail on the back. It is my new favorite shirt! The material is the same lightweight Tencel that Dawson, Paige, etc. is made from. I also can't wait to get my Matchstick Capris so I can get rid of my jean capris! 

"Sally" is another new item that is also that same silky Tencel that I love. It comes in a solid and this print called "Bamboo". It is a great layering piece that you can throw on when the evenings get chilly or around here when the weather goes back to thinking we are in early Spring!

Briana looks like a shorter version of Portia with a cute high/low hemline. The fabric is the same as Portia and Pearl. I would love to see more photos of this! Portia is a great dress but is often too long for me. 

Finally, I have a photo (still in the bag for shipping) of our new stripe fabric. Michaela and the new Hayden dress will be available in this stripe and it can be dyed into our 9 colors this season. You can also check out our new label and hangtag as well!  

Friday, May 16, 2014

kika blog - Inspired by Menswear

Do you love vests? I am not a fan myself but I know many people who are. This one is made from super soft Tencel Twill fabric that is just a dream to put on. It also comes in 9 different colors so which one is your favorite? 
Heath in Parrot (custom color) ~ $115
Viv in Ash (custom color) ~ $45
Ponte Skinny Pants in Ash (signature color) ~ $98
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Monday, May 12, 2014

kika blog - Sultry Reese

This is one of my favorite tops this season. I love the asymmetrical hemline. I love the two tone design. I love the soft flowing fabric on the bottom. I love it in all the colors. What is not to love about it? 
Reese in White (custom color) ~ $78
Heidi in Atlantis (signature color) ~ $124
Ponte Skinny Pants in Atlantis (custom color) ~ $98

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Friday, May 2, 2014

Others in kika ... Kristina in Rae

I love this dress and I love this dress on my customer Kristina who ordered it in a custom color called Atlantis. I love how different pieces look depending on what color you get them in. I also love the way she tied the dress as well. There are multiple ways to tie it (in front, on the side, in back) but this little knot that she did hides the dangling bits is really neat. Here are her instructions on how she did it:

1. Tie a loose knot on the side of the dress
2. Make a small bow at the base of the tie, like you would with a shoe
3. Loop the remaining material around the base of the loop, leaving a small amount
4. Push the end of the tie through the middle of the loops
Rae in Atlantis (custom color) ~ $95