Thursday, February 14, 2013

Portia in Meadow

I am so ready for spring! All we have right now in the Seattle area is gray and rainy days. Isn't it time for a vacation to somewhere warm and tropical? I wish! Well, I decided it was time to wear one of my favorite pieces from the spring line ... Portia! It is a convertible dress that you can wear as a skirt or as a strapless dress. You can also fold the top down in different ways to change the length too. I need to fold it a few times to make it short enough for me as a skirt. 

Portia comes in two prints and this one is called Meadow. There is another print called Ikat and it is brown and white. Plus, this piece comes in 12 of our solid colors too!
I paired Portia in Meadow with Paige in Turq which was a color from last season. "Ocean" is this seasons new "Turq" and would have been a perfect match. I also wore my brown boots since it is still cold and rainy here. 
Here is the back.

I also needed a jacket and I didn't have anything in kikaPaprika that matched and was warm enough. This was an old brown corduroy jacket that I found that did the trick. 
Here is the back view again.
Portia in Meadow (signature color) - $95
Paige in Turq (past season color) - $76

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