Monday, June 3, 2013

Catch 'em in kika ... Misty and Leena!

I love seeing my clients wearing their kikaPaprika items when I am out and about. I am going to try to remember to take photos of them when I see them. I will do something special for them like if they have their own business, I can promote it in my blog and Facebook too. If they don't then maybe I can do something else. Let me know what your ideas are!

This last week, one of my good customers sent me a photo of herself wearing Alice in Ocean which I haven't seen before in that color. I love it so much I just may copy her but I do love the Cocoa one I already have so who knows. I wish I were the same size as her because then I could just borrow it! Now, Misty (or Dr. Misty as most people know her by) is also my chiropractor and she runs her own clinic with her husband Dr. Andrew. I highly recommend that you go see them. Dr. Misty is the sweetest person you will ever meet and so gentle with her adjustments that even my kids like seeing her too. I also love everyone in their office is very warm and friendly too. You can check out their Summit Family Chiropractic website, their Facebook page and their blog too! It is great that they are connected so many ways and give great advice. Please take some time and check them out! 
Alice in Ocean (custom color) ~ $99
Here is my friend Leena wearing a scarf from last season. I like the color combo and the scarf tied it all together! She wanted something easy to wear for her daughter's 6th birthday party at our martial arts dojang. I love the bright pink shirt and dark brown capris together with the scarf. What do you think?

Leena works full time as a Youth Minister for Lake City Presberterian Church. They also have a Facebook page too which you can check out.
Feather Scarf in Eggplant (past season item) ~ $28

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