Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pearl is finally here!

We all have been waiting and waiting for our Pearl samples and they have finally arrived. Customer orders will be shipping soon too. There was a problem with the fabric when the new line came out so this item had to be re-done which takes a while. So far, the feedback on the dress has been really good! I got my sample just in time for my kika show on Saturday but unfortunately the sample was way too big for the guests at that show. I didn't think to belt it at that time.

So, until I get my own size to try on or someone to model it for me in the Merlot sample that I have (it is a kika size 4 or women's size 12/14) ... I figured I would share some photos that some other consultants have shared with me. 

This is Missy and she styled this dress in two different ways. She wears a smaller size than I do so maybe I should try belting my sample and see how it looks! It looks great on her! Also, be sure to check out her website at
Pearl in Merlot (signature color) ~ $110
Navy Paisley Scarf ~ $32
This next one is Vickie and she normally wears a kika size 4 on top but a kika size 2 on bottom. She feels like she could go down a size with this dress. Other kika consultants have said that they love it but they are a bigger kika size on bottom than they are on top. I think Vickie looks really cute!
Pearl in Merlot (signature color) ~ $110
Finally, here is the photo from the website and this is our hand-dyed print called Alligator. This is the one I am waiting for in my size. I am built more like Vickie so I might even have to go down a size in this dress but I will wait to see what my sample looks like first. Also, let me know if you want to know how you can get this item for just $10!
Pearl in Alligator print (signature color) ~ $120

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