Friday, May 2, 2014

Others in kika ... Kristina in Rae

I love this dress and I love this dress on my customer Kristina who ordered it in a custom color called Atlantis. I love how different pieces look depending on what color you get them in. I also love the way she tied the dress as well. There are multiple ways to tie it (in front, on the side, in back) but this little knot that she did hides the dangling bits is really neat. Here are her instructions on how she did it:

1. Tie a loose knot on the side of the dress
2. Make a small bow at the base of the tie, like you would with a shoe
3. Loop the remaining material around the base of the loop, leaving a small amount
4. Push the end of the tie through the middle of the loops
Rae in Atlantis (custom color) ~ $95

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