Monday, June 9, 2014

kika Clothing Club (kCC)

This is for anyone to join! Maybe you don't want to host a party of your own but still want a way to access the hostess rewards? Or maybe you are not local to me but want to have the hostess benefits? This club is made for you! Most of my hosts save about 65% on their order so it is a great way to fill your closet with kika without breaking the bank.

All I need are 5 people who agree to purchase at least one (1) item from kika for 5 months. Every month, I will collect the orders and one person in the club will be the “host”. As the “host”, you can collect orders from other people. Just have them make personal appointments with me to get fitted and try on the clothes. You can also host a party of your own and add $300+ in orders from the club to your party.

Hostess Benefits
What are the rewards exactly? Here is a chart to start with…

Show Sales
Items @ 50% off
Kika Credit
1 item
2 items
3 items
5 items
6 items
7 items

The great thing is you can use your “Kika Credit” toward your 50% off items which is why the average hosts saves 65% on her order! It is really easy to add more orders when it is your month to “host” because just 1-2 orders can really make a huge difference in your rewards. All orders ship directly to the customer so there is no delivering or extra work for you!

Contact me to join! My next club will run from August - December 2014.

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