Thursday, June 5, 2014

I Heart Matchstick Capris

I was so excited to see a preview of these at Runway last January and they finally became available in the Summer Collection. I didn't buy these items for my sample rack but I did purchase a few pieces for my own closet. I have this pair of capri jeans that I really love but they don't quite fit me in the waist so I must wear a belt with them. However, they go with everything and are great for almost any summer activity. 

Well, I just happened to put an outfit together the other day (with the intentions of posting it as a "Throwback Thursday" on Facebook) and found an almost identical match from last year with my jeans on. Wow. I am definitely retiring my jeans for my kika Matchstick Capris! They look the same but are so much more comfortable! Thank you kika!
Jackie in Ink (previous season item)
Lil in Navy Fresco Print (previous season item)
Matchstick Capris in Ink ~ $95

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