Friday, September 28, 2012

Berk in Navy

(These photos were originally taken on Sep 28, 2012)
I finally got my samples of a popular item from last season. They continued it into this season and it is available in three colors. Navy, Fuchsia and Olive. 
Berk in Navy, Stella in Navy Fresco print
Here is Berk in Navy! I am wearing size 2 which is just perfect for me! Super soft and cozy! kikaPaprika does this special burnout technique on this organic cotton and recycled water bottle fleece.

Berk in Navy, Stella in Navy Fresco print
 I am wearing Stella in Navy Fresco under it.
Berk in Navy, Stella in Navy Fresco print - back view
Berk in Olive, Rachel in Black
 I also just got a new larger size mannequin form so I am able to show off the larger sizes. This is Berk in Olive, kika size 5. I have Rachel in Black, size 5 under it but that is just what I have handy. You can put anything under this versatile sweatshirt.
Berk in Olive, Rachel in Black
Here is the back. I will just say that it looks MUCH better on an actual person!
Berk in Fuchsia - web site photo
I added the photo from the web site of the Fuchsia color since I don't have it on my sample rack. I am pretty sure this was a color that carried over from last season so this is the only item available in this color. 

Berk in Navy (signature color) - $92

For a comfort top that truly defies definition, this ultra casual batwing sleeved hooded v-neck masterpiece has it all, with a pocket to put it in.

-  Batwing sleeve
-  Kangaroo pocket
-  Burnout wash
-  Organic cotton / recycled polyester fleece
-  Machine wash
-  Made in USA

This hoodie is fitted through the waist

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