Monday, September 24, 2012

Penny in Mineral

Style Tip! 
(Originally posted on Sept 24, 2012)
Another way to appear skinnier ... Try COLUMN DRESSING. Check out these photos. I used a navy tank top and navy jeans to create the "column". I then added the "Penny" jacket in Mineral (looks like a distressed leather jacket but it's as comfortable as your PJ's!) on top of my "column". The eye sees one long SLIM unbroken line making you appear taller and thinner.
Penny in Mineral
I put on a "column" under my jacket. That just means the same color on top and on bottom. I used a navy tank and navy jeans in this case with "Penny" in Mineral over it. See how skinny it makes me look?
Penny in Mineral
Here is "Penny" buttoned in the front. I carry my weight in my belly so I look wider when have it buttoned. 
Penny in Mineral
Look at the wonderful details in the back to make it so flattering and gives you a beautiful, feminine shape even from the back.

Penny in Mineral (Signature color) - $152
Also available in 12 solid colors - $142


With her shawl collar, waist seaming, and beautiful back detailing, Penny gives off pure charm and femininity, all with uncompromising comfort.

-  1-button closure

-  Shirred sleeves
-  Pleated back detail
-  Raw edges
-  Organic cotton / spandex french terry
-  Machine wash
-  Made in USA


This garment is roomy, for a fitted jacket we recommend sizing down

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