Friday, November 9, 2012

kikaPaprika Sample Rack

I thought it would be fun to document the progress I have made with my sample rack. I wish I thought of this before as I would have made more of an effort to document this more carefully. Still, it is amazing how many items of clothes I have acquired in just a few months. Most have been by hosting my own kika shows!
Photo taken July 31, 2012 (mobile phone photo)
These were the sample clothes that came in my starter kit. This is also the rack that came in my starter kit too which now stays in my car so I can use it at kika shows.

Photo taken July 31, 2012 (good camera photo)
Here is a better photo of my sample rack with the good camera. I went shopping for hangers and an organizer thing for my pants. The colors are much better right? :)

Photo taken Aug 22, 2012 (mobile phone photo)
The grand opening of my kikaPaprika Boutique! I had a double clothing rack that I purchased to use with my previous company. It works great to have at home since it is a bit more heavy duty than I anticipated. I also added a clothing organizer to store all my pants.

Photo taken Sept 24, 2012 (mobile phone photo)
I have added a banner to the kikaPaprika Boutique! Oh and a bunch more samples too!

Photo taken Oct 13, 2012 (mobile phone photo) — at Kenmore Community Club
I didn't get a good straight on shot of the sample rack but this was taken at a fundraiser event for Food Lifeline.

Photo taken Oct 26, 2012 (mobile phone photo) — at Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties.
My event display with a few things missing from the rack. No pants or skirts here! I should count to see how many items I have now...

Photo taken Nov 9, 2012 (Good camera photo)
This is the most recent photo of my sample rack. I still want more!

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