Friday, November 23, 2012

Tired of Facebook

So, I finally got tired of posting photos to Facebook and will start experimenting with posting them to this blog. I am hoping it will be easier to organize and easier to see all the photos that feature one kikaPaprika item. So clicking on the "Rita" label should show you all the photos that feature someone wearing "Rita". Let me know what you think as feedback is appreciated and encouraged. I don't know if you read or like my blog posts unless you comment! :) 


  1. Monica, welcome to the blogsphere!
    You are going to love it here.
    And thank you for picturing me as well.
    Can't wait to see your styles as well.

    1. I have gotten out of the habit of taking photos of my outfits. I need to set up my photo spot again now that Christmas is over. It is a lot of work but my idea is just to post how kika looks on different people! Or real people. :)


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