Tuesday, August 13, 2013

kika on Vacation (part 2)

I have much more amazing photos of Yellowstone but you have to be friends with me on Facebook to see those photos. It really is a destination that should be on everyone's list and if you have been there as a kid and haven't been since ... just go already! The whole park is amazing so I joined the Yellowstone Association which was just a small way we can all help support a beautiful national park. Ok, ok, I will share just one photo!
The Opal Pool at the Midway Geyser Basin
Anyway, on to the kikaPaprika clothing featured on my vacation....
This was one of the last photos we took actually. Next to the Yellowstone sign of course!
Drew* in Ocean (custom color) ~ $40
Twill Capris in Khaki (custom color) ~ $88
Hmm, I don't look happy but that could just be one of my kids annoying me look.
Drew* in Ocean (custom color) ~ $40
Pippa in Shell (custom color) ~ $50
My own shorts
Paige in Turq (previous season color) ~ $76
Twill Capris in Khaki (custom color) ~ $88
This is after we had spent the day at the water park so my hair ... well, that is what it looks like when I don't do anything. At least I am happy in this photo!
Lil in White (signature color) ~ $40 
Twill Capris in Khaki (custom color) ~ $88
* Actually, I don't know what this tank is called but it is cut like the Drew but the fabric is different. It came in one of my kika favs bags so it is an item from a previous season that sometimes get dyed into our current season's colors. So, because I don't know exactly what it is called ... we will call it Drew for now!

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