Friday, August 16, 2013

Others in kika ... Portia in Navy/White Stripe!

Wow, I certainly have gotten behind on my blog posts. I have a few "Others in kika" posts to share with you so here goes! 

This is a client of another kika sister who I cannot recall right now. Let me know who you are and I can give you credit. I love this look a lot and have worn it myself but I don't know if I took any photos. Shame on me. I will wear it again I am sure so you can see me in it too. This is the much loved Portia convertible dress/skirt. This item is continuing into our Fall Collection and this Navy/White stripe is stunning and also available in our 13 colors offered this season. That means you can have this item in all 13 solid colors (shown below) AND also the stripe is available in the 13 colors as well. Depending on the color the Navy stripe will dye a darker Navy or Black and the white will be the color you pick. So Peacock stripe will most likely have a Black/Peacock stripe. Ask to see my swatch book for a better idea on the colors! 
L-R: Black, White, Lichen, Peacock, Ink (Navy), Imperial, Amethyst, Merlot, Ruby, Tangelo, Winter White
Daphne in White (custom color) ~ $89
Portia in Navy/White stripe (signature color) ~ $110

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