Saturday, August 17, 2013

Others in kika ... Charlotte in Mint!

I love my fellow kika sister Beth who also posts awesome photos on her Facebook page. Make sure to go like it and MINE TOO if you haven't already. ;) 

Anyway, we did this new thing a few months ago where we added a POP UP COLOR to our collection and they have decided to continue this into our Fall Collection as well. So, every two months kikaPaprika will add a new POP color and a new Neutral color. This gives you all something new and fresh to add to your wardrobe. I did not get any items in the Mint color from last season but I thought it looked so great on Beth that I have to share her photo. What do you think of the color and the new pop up color idea? 
Charlotte in Mint (previous season item & color)
Elle in Khaki (previous season color) ~ $60

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