Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mel & Twill Capris

Another quick outfit here in Sweden featuring Mel tank top and my old Twill Capris from a few seasons ago. I like how Mel is just so easy to wear. It is an item that I think would work better with a racerback bra since I am not a huge fan of having the bra straps show. I always wear a shaper under my clothing and I found the straps peeked out now and then. Maybe that style is a fashion thing? I don't know. I just like that it is a bit longer and looser fitting. Plus, it is made from a blend that uses recycled water bottles. Cool and comfy!

I am also really happy that it is finally summer weather here in Sweden so I can wear my tank tops now! Today was almost 80F!

I am also wearing a new necklace I decided to buy. I like how it adds some color to my outfit and the piece is nice and substantial without being too fussy. Let me know what you think!
Mel in Parrot (signature color) ~ $52
Twill Capris in Khaki (previous season item)
Market Spice Necklace ~ $159
Detailed view of the necklace.
Market Spice Necklace ~ $159
Mel in Parrot (signature color) ~ $52
Twill Capris in Khaki (previous season item)

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