Monday, July 14, 2014

Hem Your Own Kika Skirt

You may have read my other blog post on hemming your own kika pants so this one is just a follow up to that post. I am short and often many maxi skirts and pants are too long for me. What I like about kika is that you can hem your own stuff with a pair of scissors (or a rotary cutter). I am not home right now so I had to use scissors to hem my Cameron skirt. It is about 2 inches too long and I really want to wear it while I am in Sweden. I probably only cut off a little less than 2 inches as I wanted to make sure I didn't make it too short either.

I started off with only cutting a little off just in case I screwed it up and had to hem it with a sewing machine later. The trick was to go slow, have a really sharp pair of scissors and also have someone help you keep the fabric taught. I highly recommend a rotary cutter as it makes the whole thing so much easier but if you don't ... scissors will do just fine. Take a look!

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