Sunday, March 31, 2013

I Heart Carly

Friday was the first day I was able to be out and enjoy the sunshine. It feels like summer is just around the corner! I decided to wear White and Ocean today and I have been waiting to put this outfit together since I first got Carly. I need to get the Drew tank in White and our Twill Capris in White too but in the photos below I just used what I already had in my closet. 

This is a super limited edition repurposed tweed jacket that just is a stunning piece. It is a look that celebrities covet and there isn't much out there that can compete in it's price range. I did a few celebrity compares a few weeks back and everything I found was $400-$1500 for about the same look! We are already sold out in the larger sizes (kika size 5 & 6 which is women's 14-18) so if you like this jacket ... order it ASAP!

Also, I noticed after I took the photos that I didn't fold up the sleeves of the jacket. I think it looks better that way on me because I am petite. I will post another look with them folded up. 
Carly in Ocean Tweed (signature color) - $135
~Also available in Peony Tweed~
My own white t-shirt and capris
Back view
Carly in Ocean Tweed (signature color) - $135

These shoes are a new find of mine... Fibi & Clo! It is like jewelry for your feet! I really wanted the Cascade style in the wedge but they don't make it anymore. These are the Naples Wedge and pretty adorable don't you think?
Naples Wedge by Fibi & Clo
Detailed view
It is hard to see in the photo but they sparkle!

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