Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hem Your Own Kika Pants

Did you know that for many of our items you can just hem your own pants? I am petite and spend a fortune on alterations over the years. I have used hemming tape in the past but I knew that wouldn't be an option for my leggings that were just a tad too long for me. I got a tip from another kika gal to buy a rotary trimmer to make cutting a straight line easier. It was super easy! I just used an old cutting board that my daughter uses for coloring on and a ruler to make a straight edge.

I would use this method on most items except our Twill pants/capris. Other pants that other kika gals that have had success with cutting are ... Ponte Bootcut Pants ... Skinny Pants ... Bootcut with Pockets ... Yoga ... Leggings. The edge won't fray and only roll a tiny bit. 
Here are my Leggings before I cut them. I did cut them straight!
And here they are after. I will post a photo of me wearing them trimmed later.
This is a photo from another kika gal who trimmed her Yoga Pants

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