Friday, March 28, 2014

These are my "skinny" pants

Ok, sorry to be confusing because kika offers a pant called "Skinny Pants" and they are made from the same fabulous Ponte knit material. The Skinny Pants are what I like to call "fancy leggings" but my absolute favorite pant is what kika calls "Ponte Bootcut Pants". I am slowly adding more to my personal collection because they are dressy, comfortable and go with almost everything. Oh and they also come in two different lengths so if you have a hard time finding pants that are long enough, check out the LONG version which has a 34" inseam. The regular (which is what I am wearing) are still too long for me at 31" inseam but I just used some hemming tape to shorten it. You can also just cut it with a straight edge too. 

The color I am wearing is a bit tricky too. It is a custom Black which comes out in this dark brown/black heathered color. Very unique but it also comes in solid black and solid Ash too as well as many other custom colors too. 

Now, the reason why I call these my "skinny" pants? Every time I wear them someone asks if I have lost weight! I tell them nope. It's all about the pants. ;) I am not sure it comes through in the photos?
DeLisa in Orchid (custom color) ~ $99
Ponte Bootcut Pants Regular in Custom Black (custom color) ~ $110
DeLisa in Orchid (custom color) ~ $99
Ponte Bootcut Pants Regular in Custom Black (custom color) ~ $110

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