Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Black & White

Now, I never knew I would be a fan of the Skinny Pant but I just got these new ones from kika and am totally in love! They are a Ponte knit which is new in our line. I had to look up what it is but Ponte is a double-knit interlock fabric that has stability and firmness in addition to flexibility and softness. This means it can be used in dresses, blazers, and more structured pieces and hold its shape but still maintain comfort and give. Best of both worlds, right? Most Ponte knit fabrics are made with Rayon/Polyester but ours is made with Organic Cotton! How cool and so soft too!

I wish that photographing black was easier to portray online! You just have to take my word and see these new Skinny Pants in person. 

Sometimes, it is good to go back to basics with black and white. kikaPaprika does so many different colors, people can forget that we do the classics! Who do you know that needs a basic black pant or white shirt for work? How about this combo? 
Leslie tie front cardi in White (custom color) ~ $68
Pippa in Black (custom color) ~ $50
Skinny Pants in Black (signature color) ~ $90
Other side
Back view
Pippa in Black (custom color) ~ $50
Skinny Pants in Black (signature color) ~ $90

Back view
Femme Fatale Necklace by Stella & Dot

Oval Pave Swarovski Ring ~ $55.20
Black Onyx Stretch bracelet ~ $9.60
Two Stella & Dot bracelets
Polished Sterling Silver Raindrop Earrings ~ $31.20


  1. I love the stylish black and white combo and let me tell you you are rocking those skinny pants!!!! I can already see they are going to be a great if we can get a sampler pack....

    Can you email me directly what size fits you?

    1. Thanks so much! I wore them again today so I need to do another blog post. :) I will email you my size....


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