Sunday, April 28, 2013

DIY Stain Remover (Mostly Natural!)

I started posting these things on Facebook as "Notes" before I had a blog and I think I should put them here instead. Then you can pin it on Pinterest and it is easier to share in general from a blog too. Let me know what you think of these kind of posts! I also have to think of a new category to put these in too ... so how about "DIY"?

This whole post was inspired by a laundry accident I had recently where one of my white kikaPaprika shirts got washed with my husband's new dark blue denim jeans. I didn't discover it until it had been dried so I thought the stain was set in and ruined. My white shirt was now a soft blue! Crap!

I didn't want to buy a new shirt so I decided to go online and look around and re-discovered this recipe. Turns out ... all I needed to do was make a big batch of my DIY Stain Remover that I had tried out a few months ago. I soaked the shirt and did a little hand wash to see if I could get the blue out. Well, I couldn't tell because my Dawn is blue (which makes the stain remover blue) and my shirt was blue. I decided to toss it in the wash and dried as normal. My shirt is WHITE again!

Dang, this is where before and after photos would come in so handy! 
Anyway, here is the recipe...
Photo and recipe courtesy of One Good Thing by Jillee.
I made a batch a few months ago and tried it out on old blood stains and they came out! I was shocked how easy and great it worked. I am throwing away all my stain remover sticks and sprays that never seem to work anyway. Let me know if you want me to mix up a bottle for you to try out. I give them out to my hostesses for free!

DIY Stain Remover

1/3 cup Dawn Dishwashing Liquid
1/3 cup Ammonia
3 TBSP Baking Soda
1 cup Warm Water

Directions: Mix everything together and pour into a spray bottle or squirt bottle.

To use: Shake well! Apply directly on stains. Let soak for a few minutes and launder as usual. For stubborn stains, rub material together and stains should disappear!

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