Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Milly, Paige & Wavy Stripe Scarf

Today it was back to some chilly weather so I had to re-work my outfit planned for today. I grabbed one of my favorite scarves this season which is the Wavy Stripe scarf. I have worn it with Eggplant from last season but now that I have seen the new summer color Iris ... it will be great paired with that color purple too. If you want to know how I tied the scarf, check out the Magic Trick demo from Wendy's Lookbook on YouTube

Now, I have to say that I would prefer to go down one more size in Milly because I am so petite. I should also be wearing heels to give me some more height because the jacket is so long. Oh well! Also, I was going to a moms networking meeting today so I just wore my jeans with this outfit. What do you think?
Milly in Steel (custom color) ~ $115
Paige in Ink (signature color) ~ $76
Wavy Stripe Scarf ~ $28
Back view of Milly
Paige in Ink (signature color) ~ $76
Wavy Stripe Scarf ~ $28
Back view of Paige
 Did you see my post on Facebook about a FREE bracelet giveaway? Well, here are just some of the bracelets in that drawing. If you have any problems with that app then just make sure you are signed up for my monthly newsletter. You can also pick one out FREE with any purchase this month too!
Triple Bracelet Stack!
Amethyst Bead Stretch Bracelet ~ $12.80
Hematite Bead Stretch Bracelet ~ $7.20
Lapis Bead Stretch Bracelet ~ $12.00

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