Saturday, May 25, 2013

Catch 'em in kika! ... Jodie and Nancy

I love seeing my clients wearing their kikaPaprika items when I am out and about. I am going to try to remember to take photos of them when I see them. I will do something special for them like if they have their own business, I can promote it in my blog and Facebook too. If they don't then maybe I can do something else. Let me know what your ideas are!

This week, I went to a networking meeting and was surprised that two of the ladies were wearing kika! I had asked Jodie to wear her item since I haven't seen it in that color before but Nancy surprised me by wearing her item in the same color! Sorry for the cell phone photos as the quality isn't the same as my regular camera. I think they both look fab. What do you think? 
Stella in Iris (custom color) ~ $84
Jodie Solberg with Mary Kay
Gwyneth in Iris (signaturecolor) ~ $62
Nancy Burritt with SkyMania Trampolines

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