Thursday, May 9, 2013

Others in kika ... Elle!

I just realized that we don't have photos on our website with Jenna or Elle! We have had Jenna from last season and you can search for photos on my blog for that piece. It is a longer pencil skirt and Elle is the new "Simone" if you remember it from last season. Elle is a short pencil skirt or for some people it is a mini skirt. Just depends on how tall you are or how long your legs are. 

I only recently got Elle in a size that I could wear so soon I will have my own photos but in the meantime, I want to share some photos of Elle from fellow kika consultant Daphne who has a great blog. I encourage you to visit her blog for style tips and ideas too! 

First up is her client Veda who tried on lots of different outfits. This was my favorite look with Elle but check out her blog and see what look you like best! 
Daphne in Khaki (custom color) ~ $85
Drew in Black (custom color) ~ $40
Elle in Khaki (signature color) ~ $60
Here is another one of Daphne's clients ... Samantha! Again, she models many different looks on Daphne's blog but this one is my favorite! So classy! It inspired me to wear black and white one day and you can see that look on my blog
Leslie in White (custom color) ~ $68
Drew in Black (custom color) ~ $40
Elle in Black (
custom color) ~ $60

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