Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fashion Fun at Runway

I had the great pleasure of sharing camera time with my roommate and fellow kika superstar, Beth Holm. We took turns taking photos of each other in different outfits that we tried on at Runway which is our training and reveal of our Spring 2014 Collection. 

We have so much fun in the "Try On Room" which is filled with TONS of new clothing samples. I have a method to my time in this room as I make sure to try on each item to see what size fits me. I can then tell if things run too big or too small. I also ask people who are not my size what they liked and looks good on them. It is exhausting but fun! Then we have a chance to buy these items too. I took 3 home including the dress you see me in below. 

Tell me what outfit do you like the best? 
Steph in Sunset (custom color) ~ $80
Capri Leggings in Black (signature color) ~ $56
Mimi in Atlantis (custom color) ~ $99
Viv in Flamingo (custom color) ~ $45
Capri Leggings in Black (signature color) ~ $56
Rae in Heather (signature color) ~ $95
Capri Leggings in Black (signature color) ~ $56
Letty in Cream (signature color) ~ $125
Drew in Gray/White Stripe (signature color) ~ $47
Jeggings in Ink (signature color) ~ COMING SOON!

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