Saturday, February 1, 2014

Traveling with kika

Hello there! It has been a while since I have done a blog post and I apologize for the delay but things got busy and my tripod broke so it became harder to take photos of myself. I want to get back in the swing of things so here goes! 

Last week I went down to southern California for our annual training with kikaPaprika and it was the first year that I packed only kika! The one exception was a sweater that I wore on the airplane because it was too darn chilly here in Seattle to go without. It was a super busy time while I was at Runway (what we call our training/convention/conference) but I managed to take some photos of myself while I was there. It was fun to come up with a summer travel capsule for this trip. Let me know if I can help you with your next trip!
Everything fit into a small carry on size suitcase. I had things that I never even wore!
Day #1: My first day of training!

Lizzy in Peacock (custom color) ~ $99
Charlotte in Meadow Print (previous season item)
Twill Capris in White (previous season item)
Day #2: My twin Beth Holm who I aspire to be like someday!

Lizzy in Peacock (custom color) ~ $99
Charlotte in Meadow Print (previous season item)
Capri Leggings in Black (signature color) ~ $56
Day #3: Everyone said I looked very "Laguna Beach" which is where our training is held at.

Leslie in White (previous season item)
Elyse in Azure (previous season item)
My own white cami
Twill Capris in White (previous season item)
Day #4: My traveling outfit. This was not the outfit I had planned on and in fact had more outfit options than I actually wore. However, I had to put on as many items as possible since I bought way more kika home than I planned on!

Rory in Turq (previous season item)
My own sparkly black top
Portia in Meadow Print (previous season color) ~ $95
Twill Capris in White (previous season item) 

Capri Leggings in Black (signature color) ~ $56


  1. As your roomie I was impressed - not only did you only pack a carry on but you had room to bring home some goodies! Next time i will do the same! Beth H.

    1. Thanks Beth! I packed this little suitcase quite full on the way home. Wish I had a photo of that!


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