Saturday, February 15, 2014

Rhonda Tall or Short

I saw my fellow kika stylist (that is what we call ourselves now) Beth who wore the same dress as me the other day. We both wear the same kika size but she is much taller than me so the items often look different. I think we both look pretty darn fabulous in our Rhonda dresses. You can wear it as a tunic if you feel it will be too short for you. Beth wore bike shorts under her dress just to feel covered. I just know I need it in at least one more color. Sunset or Orchid? Which one should I pick? 
Monica & Beth both wearing the same dress!
Rhonda in Black (custom color) ~ $85
I also had to throw in this comparison photo in too since my photo is blurry and it was Beth who found this great photo of Twiggy from the 60's. It shows that Rhonda is so retro and classic at the same time. It has a great A-line shape and you don't need to be Twiggy to make it look great. I think so many women will look good in this dress. Also, it looks like the dress that Twiggy is wearing is very close to Flamingo or Sunset in our colors. What do you think? 
Rhonda in Black (custom color) ~ $85

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