Saturday, February 22, 2014

kika Hostess Benefits

It is really easy to host your own kika trunk show! You can have it at your place or mine. Just provide some simple refreshments like a bottle of wine and cheese or lemonade and fruit. You don't need a whole house full of people either. The perfect number of attendees is 4-6 people. That way I can provide some individual attention and no one feels left out. I have done shows with just 2 people and up to 20 people but there are pros and cons for each size group. 

My presentation is simple and usually doesn't last more than 15-20 minutes. I give an overview of the company, why I joined kika and what makes us different and special. I can highlight some of my favorite items from this season as well as give style tips and scarf tying demonstrations. However, the best party are the ones where the GUESTS TRY ON CLOTHES. Also, as a hostess it is your job to encourage people to try on as many items as possible. The more they try on, the more likely they will buy something. 

kika Hostess Benefits
What are the rewards exactly or what is in it for you? Here is a chart to start with…

The great thing is you can use your “Kika Credit” toward your 50% off items which is why the average hosts saves 65% on her order! All orders ship directly to the customer so there is no delivering or extra work for you!

Plus, for every show that is booked from yours ... you get one more item at 50% off! It adds up quickly all the discounts and rewards that you earn as a hostess. 

I also will provide all my hosts with a sneak peek access to my sample sale at the end of the season.

Contact me for more information!
Monica Hubinette ~ ~ 425-772-7819

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